Hair Care Products

Our range of hair care products can be purchased in our Paul James and Kokonas salon.


Hair Care Products

Soft matte, leaving a matt look with more intentional look. Works great with curly/wavy/slick back hair and styles which require more volume. Can be blow- dried through wet hair for a softer look. £14

Matte Vol 1

Versatile matte, used for styling hair giving a soft and natural look with a strong hold. £14


Soft and natural look, can be used to style dry hair or pre style through blow-drying. £14

Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

With a contemporary scent, Ruger sea salt spray has ingredients which pulls moisture away from the hair. It opens up the cuticle providing a vast amount of texture. Perfect use with pre styling when blow drying the hair. £12

Volumising Powder

Styling powder which gives great texture and volume with the deception that no product has been used at all. Sprinkle over dry hair and arrange hair, has a great reworkable strong hold. £12